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I receive from server a response in this form


And want to get the various singles attributes, in the nested json result as primitive

for example

Boolean error=..;
String admin=....;
String idHotel=...;

I have tried to make a class in this way

public class HotelLogin {
    public boolean error;
    public int id;
    public Result result;
    //get and set

    public static class Result {
       public String lastname;

       ...//get and set

and I have used this code tying to deserialize the JSONObject serverResponse

HotelLogin loggedRs= new HotelLogin();
Gson gson = new Gson();
response = gson.fromJson(serverResponse, HotelLogin.class);

But at this point I don't know how to get the single attributes of the inner json.

And if I use the code

Result user=login.getResult();
String lastname=user.getLastname();

Get a null pointer exception

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Well, assuming that you have a variable or a return data which contains your server response, you can try this:

var newError = data.Error;
var newId    = data.Id;
var newFirstName = data.result.firstname;


var serverResponse = data; //(considering that this 'data' is your json object);

//you access it through dot notation.


Each one will get your required data. You can loop through your json object, if your prefer, but i like to use dot notation. Note that you can't always use it, since you must know if a attribute has a child node.

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