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I'm uploading some images to GAE's Blobstore. Upload goes succesfully and when i see the images in GAE console i can see that they're stored in the expected size and resolution.

According to this site, to get a URL to the uploaded image i can use this:

BlobKey blobKey = (BlobKey) blobs.get("image");
ImagesService imagesService = ImagesServiceFactory.getImagesService();
String imageUrl = imagesService.getServingUrl(blobKey);

The resulting URL points to a smaller version of the uploaded images (in size and quality). How can i get a URL to the full size image stored in Blobstore?

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you can append =s0 parameter after the url to get full sized image.

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Works smoothly. Thanks! –  Carlos Gavidia Mar 8 '12 at 18:57

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