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I have a work space with many projects. One of them is suddenly missing the Google APIs libraries even though it is clearly checked. the properties file lists it correctly.

How do I get Eclipse to add these to this one project?

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once i had problem like this : i tried many but can't find and positive solution.
- make new project with required target and move src, res, ref and manifest to this new project.
- Just try remove auto build option from project menu and then delete gen folder and just build project and then clean & build project.

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Your option (1) was the only thing that would work –  BahaiResearch.com Mar 8 '12 at 20:03

This often works for me:

  • Select another build target and click 'Apply'. When the update is finished I select the previous build target and then 'Apply' again.
  • Remove 'bin' and 'gen' directories from my project and select the clean option in the project menu.
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