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I need to be able to return an (X, Y) position from Java to Lua and I can't figure out how to do it. With the C API you would just push the values onto the stack and then return the number of return values, but that doesn't seem to be how LuaJava does it. Any suggestions?

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The problem may be that the first parameter is always the JavaFunction object itself. Let's say you want a function addmult which takes two numbers, and returns their sum and product. The numeric parameters have to be retrieved as indexes 2 and 3, as follows:

JavaFunction addmult = new JavaFunction(L) {                
    public int execute() throws LuaException {
        double x = L.toNumber(2);
        double y = L.toNumber(3);
        return 2;

Now, you should get a similar result in your code:

print(addmult(3, 5)) --> 8    13
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