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I am trying to use Rangy in Chrome, and it seems that the Serializer and WrappedSelection modules are not supported by Chrome. I am unsure if I did not init() Rangy properly, or if I did some other mistake. I ran console.log(rangy.modules) which is how I found out that the Serializer and WrappedSelection are unsupported.

I have created an empty Chrome extention, and in manifest.js included the 7 required Rangy js files, and jQuery.js. Below are the contents of my script.js:

function rangyTest() {


    var value;

    $("body").append( "<input type=\"button\" id=\"serializeButton\" value=\"Serialize selection\">" );
    $("body").append( "<input type=\"button\" id=\"deserializeButton\" value=\"Restore selection\">" );

    $('#serializeButton').click(function() {
        value = rangy.serializeSelection();

    $('#deserializeButton').click(function() {

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I think it needs done using content scripts. See also Rangy - Module 'WrappedSelection' Not Supported

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