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I would like to change the default checkbox on my site to look like the Mozilla Firefox checkbox "" .

Can please somebody help in order how to do this please?

I was thinking in doing this with the help of css....

-webkit-appearance: none;
background: url(checkbox_image_url_here);
width: 12px; height: 12px;

... Can I achieve something with this?

Hope somebody can help me. thank you everybody

Cheers Alex

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For a CSS only way of doing this, you'll be limiting yourself.

I suggest checking this link out for how to do it and here is a working version of it, for a CSS only solution. This only works on Safari and Chrome, unfortunately to get this working on other browsers, you'll need javascript of some sort.

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Hi there. Thanks for the info this helped me. –  Alexandru Vlas Mar 8 '12 at 18:52

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