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If I externalise my Puppet module config to a directory outside of Puppet by adding the modulepath / manifestdir settings:


the agents log the following error:

"Could not evaluate: Could not retrieve information from source(s) puppet://my-dns-name/plugins"

so looks as if they no longer seem to be able to find the Facter facts I have installed in $modulepath//lib/facter ?

If I comment out the modulepath / manifestdir settings and copy the configuration back to the /etc/puppet install directory the agents work fine.

Do I maybe need to set the pluginsource setting also and if so, where to? Any pointers gratefully appreciated!

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Are the permissions on your home directory restricted, e.g. to 0750? The puppetmaster will typically run as a dedicated puppet user rather than root, so it probably can't read a private home directory.

The other possibility is SELinux if you're using it. I'd expect that the files in your home directory aren't labeled to permit access by a puppetmaster process. Do you see any AVC denials in syslog?

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Awesome, thanks you m0dlx, should have been obvious that permissions were the issue, but was getting confused by the way Puppet writes the Facter facts out to /var/lib/puppet dir. Thanks and best, Drew – Andrew Eells Mar 9 '12 at 9:37

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