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I run the following code

db = create_engine('sqlite:///tracking_test.db')
db.echo= True
metadata = MetaData(db)
session = create_session(bind=db)
#define tables, if they exist sqlalchemly will find them and sycn otherwise they will be created
delivered= Table('delivered', metadata,

class Delivered(object):        
    def __init__(self,obj):
        self.domain=u'%s' % obj.get("dm","")
        self.path=u'%s' % obj.get("pth","")

report1t = Table('clicked', metadata,


class report1(object):
    def __init__(self,obj):
        self.domain=u'%s' % obj.get("dm","")
        self.path=u'%s' % obj.get("pth","")

mapper(report1, report1t)
result= {}#some dict
newT = Delivered(result)
if newT:

And I get this error sqlalchemy.exc.InvalidRequestError: No transaction is begun.

the session dict say:

{'autocommit': True, 'autoflush': False, 'transaction': None, 'hash_key': 4317750544, 'expire_on_commit': False, '_new': {<sqlalchemy.orm.state.InstanceState object at 0x101a79ad0>: <__main__.adDelivered object at 0x101a799d0>}, 'bind': Engine(sqlite:///adtracking_test.db), '_deleted': {}, '_flushing': False, 'identity_map': {}, 'dispatch': <sqlalchemy.event.SessionEventsDispatch object at 0x101a82f90>, '_enable_transaction_accounting': True, '_identity_cls': <class 'sqlalchemy.orm.identity.WeakInstanceDict'>, 'twophase': False, '_Session__binds': {}, '_query_cls': <class 'sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query'>}

Any one know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks, CG

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It would be helpful if you post the full traceback. However, I think the problem is in the way you create the session. I think that you should be using sessionmaker rather than create_session (I've never seen that function before, and I don't see it documented anywhere). sessionmaker creates a new Session class, which you need to instantiate. So:

Session = sessionmaker(bind=db)
session = Session()
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That seemed to do the trick, I am not sure where I found the createsession. –  Cory Gwin Mar 8 '12 at 18:34
Thank you aquavitae :) –  Cory Gwin Mar 8 '12 at 18:35

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