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i use DynamicReports library for make reports for my app. Createing report takes some time and i decided create custom progress bar while reports has not been created. Question after code examples.

progress bar class:

public class ProgressDialog implements DialogWrapper{

    private JFrame iFrame;
    private JDialog iDialog;
    private JPanel pane;
    private final JProgressBar aJProgressBar = new JProgressBar(0, 100);

    public ProgressDialog(){

    public void onCreate() {
        iFrame = new JFrame("Создание отчета");
        iDialog = new JDialog(iFrame, true);
        pane = new JPanel();
        pane.add(aJProgressBar, BorderLayout.NORTH);
        iDialog.add(pane, BorderLayout.CENTER);
        iDialog.setTitle("Создание отчета");
        iDialog.setSize(300, 150);

    public void fillData() {}

    public void onSubmit() {}

    protected void onCancel(){

    public void cancel(){

Report abstract class

public abstract class AbstractReportMain<T extends ReportDesign<U>, U extends ReportData> {
private ProgressDialog pd;

public AbstractReportMain() {
    pd = new ProgressDialog();

protected void build() {
    try {
        JasperReportBuilder reportBuilder =;            
        U data = getReportData();
        if (data != null) {
        getReportDesign().configureReport(reportBuilder, data);

    } catch (DRException e) {

protected U getReportData() {
    return null;

protected abstract T getReportDesign(); 

Question: when i create ProgressDialog, program flow stops while i do not close dialog. Why it's happen, how this behaviour called and where i can read about it? How it use and маке it work for me. Thanks.

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I believe your problem is that you are not creating a new thread for your progress dialog. Here is an example that will help you. Modal Progress Dialog example

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yes new thread solves the problem. But it's normal then flow of application remains in the dialog window? I was surprised at this. I am new in java ui library. – Mrusful Mar 8 '12 at 19:01
Basically the modal dialog blocks the thread until its closed. You can also use the Swing Worker to perform background tasks. – Clay3981 Mar 8 '12 at 19:20
Using Modal Progress Dialog example JDialog have white canvas instead of used component. Also not clear feature of Swing. – Mrusful Mar 8 '12 at 21:09

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