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Ran into a weird Bitmap problem that I can't find in Google:

The Bitmap constructor crashes on a file with an alpha channel under Windows 7, but works perfectly under Windows XP.

The code couldn't be simpler:

Bitmap image = new Bitmap (fname);

The error is: "Parameter is not valid", and there's no inner exception.

If it failed in Windows XP too, I'd suspect a simple bug, but since it works there it implies it's something more complex.

Any ideas how a bitmap with an alpha channel can be loaded under Windows 7? Thanks!

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SOLVED: The .NET Bitmap class seems to fail reading a CMYK TIFF file with an alpha channel under Windows 7, 64-bit. The workaround is to use an Aurigma Bitmap, which (unlike a .NET Bitmap) can handle CMYK images with or without an alpha channel.

The Aurigma Bitmap is available from www.aurigma.com , and is compatible with .NET.

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TIFF == Thousands of Incompatible File Formats. Lots of tweaks and fixes in GDI+ version 1.10, XP has version 1.00 –  Hans Passant Apr 9 '12 at 23:16
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