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I am trying to post arabic characters to twitter using twitter api, but it does not work in default format, String arabicenglish = "عربي/عربىHello";

I used string tweet = HttpUtility.UrlEncode(arabenglish);

But this does not work, then i used a library which converts this into

&# 1593;&# 1585;&# 1576;&# 1610;/&# 1593;&# 1585;&# 1576;&# 1609;Hello

This works fine, but if message gets long, it overlimits the twitter 140 limit.

So let me know whats the best way to send arabic, and count 1 arabic char = 1 english char, and workable too on twitter.

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I am not sure this is the right link but the guy is talking about the same thing you've asked. Check it here. Here is another link that might interest you.

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