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Has anyone tried to do this and gotten it to work? I have tried to set them up accessing the same database on the same server using the same remember-me key but it will not work. Is there something I may be missing? Is this even possible if they are completely separate war files?

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The main consideration is the domains and paths under which the applications are accessed and whether the remember-me cookie can be shared among them.

By default the cookie path is set to be the context path of the application, so you cannot share a cookie between two different applications unless you change this. Even then, if the domains do not match, the browser will refuse to send the cookie.

You need to override the setCookie method in AbstractRememberMeServices to avoid setting a specific path for the cookie. If the domains do not exactly match you will also have to call the Cookie.setDomain method. You can use something like setDomain("") to share the cookie between and See the Javadoc for more details.

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