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I've got a backbone calendar, and each day has a bunch of options. The user only sees one day at a time.

So when the user selects to go to the next or previous day, I call the MyApp.Views.ShowDay to redraw the day.

the ShowDay view calls a few sub-views MyApp.Views.Hours. I need to unbind the hours from the old day when I create a new day, but that is causing nothing but errors.

The way I'm trying to do it is

MyApp.Views.Showday = Backbone.View.extend({
    events: {
             "click div.change_day":"change_day"

    change_day: function(){
      MyApp.Views.Hours.unbind(); //I've tried off(), off, remove() as well



Is this not the way to unbind children?

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You need to explicitly unbind the event handlers from the event. See this answer to another SO question, paying specific attention to the bindTo and unbindFromAll functions:

Backbone.js : repopulate or recreate the view?

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thanks Derick, I had actually read your article on Los Techies regarding your binding technique, but i was hoping for something <gulp> simpler. I'm giving this a try now. –  pedalpete Mar 8 '12 at 19:41
unfortunately, there isn't anything simpler. Backbone takes a hands-off approach to this, and lets us either shoot ourselves in the foot or write the extra code ourselves. FWIW: github.com/derickbailey/backbone.marionette/blob/master/… just copy & paste the code from there and use _.extend to mix it in to your own stuff. :) –  Derick Bailey Mar 8 '12 at 19:47

Try MyApp.Views.Hours.remove(). This removes the view and its elements from the dom and tears down any event handlers in the process. Then recreate the hours view

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it could be because of the way I wrote my nesting, but this also didn't allow me to add another child after removing it. I had tried that earlier. –  pedalpete Mar 8 '12 at 23:47

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