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How can I check if IP numbers are in the same subnet with Perl? Do I use NetAddr::IP?


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Seems like the Net::Subnets Perl module would do this. There's an example at that link I gave. If you don't want to use CPAN to get the module, both Debian and Ubuntu have a libnet-subnets-perl package.

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As of 11/2012, Net::Subnets does not exist on CPAN but there is a Net::Subnet that should do it. I prefer NetAddr::IP for that sort of thing though. –  Mr. Muskrat Nov 9 '12 at 21:32

You could try this:


use warnings;
use strict;
use NetAddr::IP;

my $first  = NetAddr::IP->new('');
my $second = NetAddr::IP->new('');

if ($second->within($first)) {
    printf "%s is within %s\n", $second, $first;
} else {
    printf "%s is not within %s\n", $second, $first;
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