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I have array of 15 elements...mObjects and have 7 textviews to display. At first I am loading 7 in the TextView array and then as user goes on click text view should get update i.e. if user got the third element then it should update the 3rd Texvire with the next mObject in a list kind of manner.... My logic works with the first 7 elements populated but how will I keep on adding the elements from mObjects ......

to explain more : if 3rd element of textview is found then 4th textview becomes 3rd...5th becomes 4th and 7th should add the new text from mObjects .. till the 15 elements of the array

here is the logic for 7 elements but not getting how will i add the 8th element to 15 element from the mObjects

public void onClick(View pressed){  
    boolean tvFound = false; //have we found the clicked tv yet? 
    for(int i=0;i<mTextViews.length;i++){ //loop through all tvs 
        if(pressed.getId() == mTextViews[i]){ //if this is the tv that was clicked on 
            tvFound = true;  
        if(tvFound){ // if we have found the tv that was clicked on 
            if(i<mTextViews.length-1){ //if we arent on the last tv 
                mTextViews[i].setText(mTextviews[i+1].getText()); //then replace txt with next tvs text 
            }else{ //if we ARE on the last tv 
                mTextViews[i].setText(""); //replace text with nothing 
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Any reason not to use ListView and ArrayAdapter? –  Asahi Mar 8 '12 at 19:36
@Asahi I was thinking to use that ..nywayz ..but now When I implemented this so i thought lets achieve by this only .. –  user1201239 Mar 9 '12 at 5:18

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