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Is there a way to read a simple text key-value file in R ...


Ideally I want to access the data like this:

myfile$Key1 should return Value1 , myfile@Key2 should return Value2
and so on

Cheers! MadSeb

P.S I looked into the stashR and the filehash packages and while these packages implement nice key value databases, they don't store the database in simple/readable text format.

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What about something like this:

dframe <- read.table(file='yourfile.txt',header=FALSE,

then, if you want a faster access by key, you can use data.table e.g. :

dframe <- read.table(file='yourfile.txt',header=FALSE,
dtable <- data.table(dtfrm,key='Key')

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thanks ! this is exactly what I need ! –  MadSeb Mar 8 '12 at 19:35
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