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I have a directory structure for my project as

  • each of x.py, y.py can run in isolation, so has to append the project path in its own script as


  • This becomes unmanageable when your code needs to run on multiple machines on cluster and I end up changing the paths manually :(

  • Its a bad design and I want to learn what is the best way to append the project

  • what is the best way to append the project path in this case so that

    • I dont write sys.path.append in each of the .py file
    • I can define a master configuration that runs every time a .py file runs

Thank you

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Add the path to your project to the PYTHONPATH environment variable.

See the documentation on the Module Search Path for how exactly this is used.

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This can also be accomplished by creating a sitecustomize.py or usercustomize.py in the site-packages directory of your Python installation, and using the methods described in the site module to modify sys.path, however PYTHONPATH is probably preferable. –  Andrew Clark Mar 8 '12 at 19:35
That was it. This helped me a lot –  daydreamer Mar 8 '12 at 20:22

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