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I know that I can pass formset to inlineformset_factory and this by default takes BaseInlineFormSet. I also know that BaseInlineFormSet can take a queryset as a parameter. How do I connect the dots to allow me to pass in a queryset which is based on the request to the BaseInlineFormSet.

In short I want to do this.

base_qs = Inline_model.objects.filter(user = self.request.user)
factory_kwargs = { formset=BaseInlineFormSet(queryset=base_qs) }
formset = inlineformset_factory(ModelA, Inline_model, **factory_kwargs())

Any help would be appreciated.

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FWIW this was solved using the following method. I shifted to using a class based view and using the django-extra-views package. This seemlessly allowed me to override the get_formset_kwargs method with my own queryset.

class CompanyDetailView(InlineFormSetView):
    """Details of the Company Page"""
    model = Company
    inline_model = CompanyDocument
    fields=('document', 'description')
    extra = 1

    def get_formset_kwargs(self):
        """Limit the queryset to only those which I have"""
        qs = CompanyDocument.objects.filter(company=self.request.user.company,
                                            shared_company = self.object,)
        kwargs = super(CompanyDetailView, self).get_formset_kwargs()
        kwargs['queryset'] = qs
        return kwargs
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