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I am facing an issue of having a screen which gets an id from the SharedPreferences and then I call a remote database, and then I have to display that data on the screen.

Is it possible to do that with ViewText or is there another way to place text on the screen after a remote db call is made?

Whats the best way to do that and how do I accomplish it?


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The logic would that I would use is to build your screen in XML and have a Textview named myTextView

in your activity declare a Textview

TextView name_field;

String name;

//call my database info 
//this example get a variable and pass it into String variable name and then display it in your text view

name_field = (TextView) findViewById(;
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You fail to mention that doing this in the normal way will completely block the UI thread. Tyler Treat's response solves this issue by executing asynchronously in an AsyncTask. Have a look at the specs here because this is exactly the kind of thing that it is meant for. –  Martin Foot Mar 9 '12 at 20:39
I made no assumptions whatsoever about whether this is done on the main thread or in a Async task or wherever. My answer dealt with the issue of updating a text field and nothing else.. –  Kevin Bradshaw Mar 10 '12 at 15:52

Use a loader for your db call. Once the data has loaded use onLoadFinished to either add a TextView to your layout or replace the text in an existing layout. My suggestion would be to create a TextView in your layout in xml so that you can position it exactly as you wish, then replacing the text after your database call using myTextView.setText(databasetext)

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The way you display data from a database is completely independent of the way you're getting that data. If it's simply text you need to display, then a TextView seems to be a logical view element to use.

In simple terms, the steps you should be taking would likely be:

  1. Get ID from SharedPreferences
  2. Query database with ID for result
  3. Pass the result to your view layer
  4. Use a TextView to display the result

It's best (and required since 4.0) to make network calls in a thread separate from the UI thread. The best way is probably using an AsyncTask. For example:

private class GetDbItemTask extends AsyncTask<Integer, Void, MyDbItem> {

    protected MyDbItem doInBackground(Integer... ids) {
        return mDbService.load(ids[0]);

    protected void onPostExecute(MyDbItem result) {
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Have you tried a custom alert dialog this link?

This allows you to have a textview on your screen without changing your activity.

I hope I answered this correctly since you ask

"Is it possible to do that with ViewText or is there another way to place text on the screen after a remote db call is made?".

Then there is the option of refreshing the screen using onResume() on the activity lifecycle.

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