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I have an ASP.Net MVC3 app developed in VS 2010 running on Windows 7 with IIS 7.5 consuming several WCF services also part of the VS solution file and all on the same localhost. When I debug the services they start in the WCF Test utility nicely. When I attempt to debug the ASP.Net app I get a network error and it points to an IP address I do not recognize at all. If I start the app from IIS using Browse *:80 (http) it works perfectly. I can enter data, do stuff and all is wonderful. If I attempt to just go there via http://localhost/AppFilePath from IE (not via the IIS Manager) I get a message that IE cannot display the webpage.

Does anyone have any idea where I need to even begin looking to determine what the issue is?

Thank you!

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Check the properties of the project

Under the Web tab there is a Servers section that controls where the debugger fires and starts.

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