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I'm deploying a application in one of my continuous integration steps.

I use rake to build the project:

msbuild :package do |msb|
  msb.properties :configuration => :Release
  msb.targets :Package
  msb.solution = "WebApplication.Site/WebApplication.Site.csproj"

then, using web deploy I want to send my package to Dev Server

task :deploy_devserver => [:package] do |msb|
  sh ".\\WebApplication.Site\\obj\\Release\\Package\\WebApplication.Site.deploy.cmd /y /M:http://DEVSERVER/MSDEPLOYAGENTSERVICE/MsDeploy.axd"

Everything sounds fine, except when intermittent error shows up! As IIS is locking a folder of Logs, the console say that is impossible to delete file and fire a error.

I hard tried to find a line guide of commands for automating deployment with Microsoft Web Deploy but nothing. I only found this two articles that didn't say something about --force or --skip:LogsFolder:



Just to put the icing on the cake, if change /y (yes) to /t (trial) the deploy works... (bye bye logic!)

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Maybe dont delete the logs. Maybe place and app_offline.htm on the site first (in the unresearched hope it will stop the app pool) and then remove it after the deploy is complete. –  Valamas - AUS Mar 8 '12 at 20:49

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