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Are there any tools that exist to generate a Thrift interface definition from a Protobuf definition?

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It appears the answer is "not yet". One problem you will face is that thrift defines a full RPC system with services and method calls, while protobuf really focuses on the datatypes and the serialization bits. Thrift's data model is a bit more restricted than protobuf's (no recursive structures, etc.), but that should not be a problem in the thrift -> protobuf direction.

Sure, you could quite easily convert all the thrift data types to protobuf definitions, while ignoring the service section entirely. You could even add something like that as a built in generator in the thrift compiler if you wanted to.

Thrift and Protobuf are not interchangeable though. Take a look at Biggest differences of Thrift vs Protocol Buffers? to see some key differences. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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I don't think there is. If you're up to write code for that, you can write a language generator that produces .thrift files for you.

You can write the tool in any language (I wrote in C++ in protobuf-j2me [1], and adapted protobuf-csharp-port code in [2]).

You can have protoc.exe to call it like:

protoc.exe --plugin=protoc-gen-thrift.exe --thrift_out=. file.proto

You need to name it as protoc-gen-thrift.exe to make --thrift_out option available.



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