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I'm curious if there's a package or combination of packages that can take a list of zip codes,

1) convert them to a latitude and longitude

2) Put the points on a map

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Try install.packages("zipcode") from CRAN to get this information in R. This provides a data(zipcode) attachment which is a data.frame with the information you need.

With regards to plotting the zip code information on the map, use the map package and the spatial routines package sp. Here is an example.

## Preliminary

## Plot state map of USA

## Select locations for 100 random zip codes
plotZip <- zipcode[sample(nrow(zipcode))[1:100], c("longitude", "latitude")]

## Plot them
plot(SpatialPoints(plotZip), pch=20, cex=0.75, add=TRUE, col="red")]

100 random zipcodes in the USA

To select a list of zipcodes for plotting subset zipcode giving a vector of the zipcodes required. Then recreate plotZip:

plotZip <- subset(zipcode, 
   subset=(zip %in% c(90210, 90211)), 
   select=c("longitude", "latitude"))
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I'm a little late to the game here, but I've written an in-memory postal code database API in Java, called QuickGeo. It won't map items, but it does zip->lat/lon lookups very quickly. To query the lat/lon of a Seattle zip code:

PostalDb db = PostalDbFactory.getPostalDb();
Place p = db.byPostalCode("98177").get(0);
double lat = p.getLatitude();
double lon = p.getLongitude();
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I found a website that does it for you here: GPS Visualizer.

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