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I'm using JBoss 7.1 AS, Eclipse Indigo, Maven 3.0.3 on a Mac OSX Lion. I have successfully registered JBoss 7.1 as a local server within Eclipse. I installed the JBoss tools for Eclipse, right clicked my Maven project, selected "Mark as deployable", but then the problem arises. When I right click on "Run As" -> "Run on Server", I'm greeted with the error

 The selection did not contain any resources that can be run on a server

Any ideas what additional steps I should take to make this bad boy deploy? Let me know what other information I should provide.

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this can hardly be answered without some further details. How does your project look like? Can you run mvn clean install without errors? What packaging does you project specify in pom.xml(war, jar)? Do you have automatic build turned on in Eclipse preferences? Also , can you try to add it to Jboss from the Servers view? In Servers view, right click your Jboss instance, click add or remove and add you project. –  yntelectual Jul 25 at 16:41

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