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With which methods do I create wiki content on SharePoint, using the provided web services?

I've searched the MSDN docs up and down - with no result.

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You create any list in SharePoint using the List.asmx web service.

That service has a method named AddList which takes 3 parameters:

  1. Name - This is what your new list will be named.
  2. Description - The description of your new list.
  3. Template ID - This is an int that specifies the type of list to create.

In the case of a wiki - you will use Template ID 119.

The documentation only partially lists these template ID's. A better list used to be here (now a 404) and is now accessible through the Internet Archive here.

NOTE: Use the URL property of the List web service to specify where the new list should be created.

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Thanks for your very useful answer. The Template ids are a good help. Do you also know, what type a wiki page is? My Browser says in the URL bar: "CreateWebPage.aspx" So I assume, it is some kind of special Web Page. I'm still searching for the according service. Thanks so far! – Stefan Jun 7 '09 at 20:16

I found this article on the web which appears to do what you want.

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The article linked here looks good - I'm the PM at Microsoft for SharePoint wikis – Kevin Davis Jun 8 '09 at 8:51

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