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Hello I have trying to learn Magento, So would be appreciated if anyone helps.

I saw people initiate class


Then they iterate over the collection using foreach loop and use

getOrderedQty() method.

Like in this thread. total sales of each product in magento

Where is this method defined? In which class ?

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That method doesn't exist. All Magento Objects (that is, objects which inherit from Varien_Object) allow you to get and set data properties.

echo $object->getData('the_thing')

On top of this, there's also special setter and getter methods implemented with PHP's "magic methods". That is, you can get/set a data property by camel casing it's name, and calling it like this

echo $object->getMyThing();

I searched the Magento codebase, and there's no definition for a "getOrderedQty" method. That means it's one of the above mentioned magic methods.

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Thank you for your reply Alan, So you mean to say there is some column in the database named OrderedQty ? –  RIK Mar 8 '12 at 23:36
1. It would be names ordered_qty 2. It's not necessarily an database column. Reports draw their data from many different locations, and it may be something that's calculated and set. –  Alan Storm Mar 8 '12 at 23:41

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