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Hi I download cakephp 2.1 from offical website. When I copped files to my www directory on Windows 7 64bit, (using WAMP 2.2 witch PHP 5.3.8), and configured path to link to cake bake.bat in console folder I have problem. When I run cmd and typing cake bake testapp (to generate some test app and test new futures) I see in console strength error:

File app/View\Pages\home.ctp exists
Do you want to overwrite ?

Big lol, but i anserw y. The bake app is ready but If i type my localhost im my browser I see

The action index is not defined in controller AppController

Lols so i type manual pages to url i see 404 ! Please help me beceasuse I want start new project wicht new CakePHP 2.1 no 2.0.6...

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This issue is fixed.

If you still getting error comment the following code in C:\wamp\www\cake\lib\Cake\Console\Command\Task\ProjectTask.php file

if ($this->createHome($path)) {
                $this->out(__d('cake_console', ' * Welcome page created'));
            } else {
                $this->err(__d('cake_console', 'The Welcome page was <error>NOT</error> created'));
                $success = false;

NOTE: C:\wamp\www\cake - This is my cake liberary path, change yours if its different.

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