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I'm writing an shell script like these:

y=`expr $2 / $1`

while [ $x -ne "$1" ]; do
    a=`expr $y \* $x`

    ./ 1 $a $3 $4 $5 `expr $y \* $x` &

    x=`expr $x + 1`

read inputline

The problem is that it's calling my "" just one time. I've tried this:

echo "./ 1 $a $3 $4 $5 `expr $y \* $x` &"

And it shows that it's called $1 times.

My second problem is when I stop this script, it keeps running the "" in background, how do I stop them?

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You haven't noted what $1 is.

Assuming $1 is 1 then the script would run exactly one time.

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