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I have an application written in C++ that uses Java as the GUI. I interface with the native code using JNI. I call those "frontend" (Java GUI) and "backend" (C++ app). The backend is using some other libraries and one of them is a MATLAB shared library. When I initiliaze the MATLAB library by calling mclInitializeApplication, it changes the Look and Feel to the system one. Even when I change it back to Metal, there are some differences in font styles and such.

I know MATLAB is using Java to do its GUI stuff. But the library I am using is just some computations, I don't need any MATLAB GUI. How should I tell Matlab not to change the LaF or start its own JVM?

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I've never actually done what it looks like you are doing, but it looks like you want to pass in a -nojvm flag when you use mclInitializeApplication. Some links below:



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Unfortunately that is only for UNIX environment. I am on Windows. –  Jakub Zaverka Mar 9 '12 at 0:16

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