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I am using for a small web app, and have implemented a login system where a cookie value is checked at the beginning of each request. If the cookie is set, the cookie value is checked against the user database for valid credentials, and string containing the actual username is added to the request object for later use in the same request;

request.account = username #where username is fetched from the database

The purpose is to 1) check logins early with a generic routine and 2) keep username for later when building the spesific response

My problem is that after the first request where request.account is set, all the requests after that will have this value set. This makes me wonder if there is internal object reuse of the request object between requests in Bottle.

Does anyone know how this works; if the request object is reused or if its only my code that contain bugs? Any ideas to solve this problem?

For the record, I am using the built-in web server for testing, running on python 2.7 on OS X.


I have written a fully functional code that illustrate the problem outlined above. Its rather simplified in order to avoid cookies and database.


from bottle import request, response, route, run

# some login cookie validation routine...
# this might validate cookie against user database
# and store the username of the logged in user
# in request.account.
def validate():

if not hasattr(request, 'account'):
    print "request.account is NOT set"

    request.account = "SomeUsername"

    return False

    # here is the problem, this implies object reuse
    # since I am only calling validate() once?
    # or is my code bugged somehow?

    print "request.account is already set"

    return True

def index():

ret = validate()    #validating cookie

if ret:
    username = request.account
    username = "<Not logged in>"

    return "TEST: this is /, username: %s" % username

if __name__ == "__main__":
    run(host='localhost', port=8080, debug=True, reloader=True)
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I suggest you to check the source code, is particularly easy to understand. I did it once, and I don't remember of any funky object-reuse between requests, but my memory is feeble. – dsign Mar 9 '12 at 12:40
bottle doesn't use request object across requests -- your log in system is flawed. – treecoder May 7 '12 at 6:33

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