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I have a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS functions loaded into it. I would like to dump out the schema of the database, but pg_dump -s dumps out the functions along with the table definitions.

Is there a way to exclude the functions and just dump the table definitions?

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For all I know, pg_dump and pg_dumpall do not support any such restriction.

You could move all your functions to a dedicated schema which you could exclude from the dump like this:

pg_dump mydb -N function_schema > mydump.sql

If you go that route, you can migrate functions to another schema like this:

ALTER FUNCTION myfunc() SET SCHEMA function_schema;

In this case I would also adapt the search_path in postgresql.conf (and possibly in the defaults for databases and roles)

SET search_path = public,function_schema [,more schemas]

As an alternative, you could leave the functions in their default schema public and not use that schema for anything else. Put your objects in one or more a separate schemas. That should make upgrading PostGis easier.

It is generally a good idea to not use the public schema for your objects. I usually reserve it for PostGis or other extensions that install into public by default. I like to use a dedicated schema for every application. Makes maintenance easier - including backups and granting permissions.

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Or, you can use pg_restore's --list related options and manually trim the items from the list generated. – Richard Huxton Mar 9 '12 at 14:07
see this for example: – Bartosz Radaczyński Jun 25 '15 at 6:53

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