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I'm trying to get the floats from a string. I mean reading line by line from a text file and getting the floats from a line. I found how to read line by line but I couldn't split the string into floats. Here is an example input file:


7,3 ,10,14.2


I've looked at sscanf but I couldn't do it. Any idea?

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From years of experience, I've found that scanf is unlikely to do exactly what you want. It's OK for a quick test program.

One possibility is to use Str.split:

let floats_of_string s =
    List.map float_of_string (Str.split (Str.regexp "[, \t]+") s)

You might need to make the regexp a little tighter if you want to detect invalid input.

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Read the manual attentively to understand how scanf format works - it has some quirks but there is a reason behind them.

"%f , %f , %f , %f %!"
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This solution works fine with Scanf.sscanf :-) – cago Mar 9 '12 at 11:30

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