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I have a version 1.0 App installed using "adb install". I have the same App with version 2.0 in the market. Can we upgrade the application automatically?

My test results are:

if an App is installed by "adb install" or untrusted source, we cannot see it from "My App" menu item in Market App. Now I have the same App with version 2.0 in the market, I can use Market App search feature to find the app in the Market. But is shows open button not upgrade button as I expected. Based on my test results, it seems we cannot upgrade the application automatically in our case. Even I tried manually to upgrade the App, I have to remove the app installed by adb install or untrusted source first, then install new version from the market.

My question is do we have a way to upgrade the app automatically if the app to be upgraded is from untrusted source and new version App is in Android Market? or at least, the Market app UI should display upgrade button not open button.

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until you export a signed apk, the one you test with is signed with a debug key. The keys have to match to upgrade, so the one with the release key is different than the one with the debug key. Just uninstall the one installed through ADB and install the one from the Android Market. –  Bill Gary Mar 9 '12 at 1:35
The one using adb install has the same key with the one int the Android Market. I would like to install it in device first and then upgrade it if Android Market has new version. –  user1258243 Mar 9 '12 at 17:51

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