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I am trying to see if I can accomplish the following situation in one query:

I have a table with multiple columns, however, only two are important: version and groupId. Many rows can share the same groupId value, the version column is a number that needs to be sorted.

Given two groupId values, A and B, I would like to return two rows in the end. I want to find the most recent version number for each group A and B.

Thanks for your help. Sorry if this is fairly obvious, but I was having difficulty

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Something like this?

SELECT groupId, MAX(version) max_version
FROM YourTable
WHERE groupId IN ('A', 'B')
GROUP BY groupId;

You didn't specify any data types so I assumed that groupId could actually take character values like 'A'. Just change this to suit your needs. The basic idea is that you GROUP BY your groupId after filtering out only those values which interest you. Then you SELECT the MAX(version) for each of those values.

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HA!, yes I think this will do it, I won't be able to try till later on, but It seems so painfully obvious now. Thank you. –  Jason M Mar 9 '12 at 1:34

Try below

  select p.id,p.groupid,p.version from tablename p
    left join 
        select max(id) id1 from tablename
        group by groupId
        order by max(id) desc
    ) t on t.id1 = p.id

Assuming you have a primary key column id in table

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I assume version is an integer

SELECT MAX(version), `group` FROM table WHERE `group` IN (A, B) GROUP BY `group`
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