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I have the following code which styles my comboBox drop down, but I can't seem to get a background color to work. I've used // comments to show which lines it doesn't like:

var myTextFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
myTextFormat.font = "Arial";
myTextFormat.color = 0xFFFFFF;
myTextFormat.size = 10;
myTextFormat.background = true; // Doesn't like this line
myTextFormat.backgroundColor = 0xFFFFFF; // Doesn't like this line

var m = 0;
function comboBoxChange(e:Event):void {
var scriptVars:URLVariables = new URLVariables();
    trace("YOU CHANGED ME!!!"); 
    //scriptVars["InstructorName" + [m]] = myXML.Instructors.InstructorName[m];

    //Change the comboBox color if Instructor selected
    // Go back to plain if no Instructor
    if ( == 0){
        trace("EMPTY"); = new ColorTransform;
        // Shade of black indicates slot allocated to Instructor
        my_color.color = 0x002222;
        // = my_color; = 1; ("textFormat",myTextFormat);

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This seemed to work: = true; = 0x000000; – user1203605 Mar 9 '12 at 2:59

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Maybe what you're looking for is the contentBackgroundColor style of ComboBox?

s|ComboBox {
   contentBackgroundColor: red;


combo.setStyle('contentBackgroundColor', 'red');
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This doesn't seem to work for me. It doesn't produce any errors though. I used this:'contentBackgroundColor', 0x000000); – user1203605 Mar 9 '12 at 2:43
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This seemed to work: = true; = 0x000000;

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