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I am trying to use WkhtmlToImage to respond with PNG instead of HTML,

This PNG is essentially the picture version of the same html, To respond with this PNG, i need to construct my html as the src to feed into the ImgKit , and i want to use rails template for my html..

When i do the following , i get double render error... How to solve this?

respond_to do |format|
            format.html { }
            format.png {

            generated_html = render :action => "datatable.png.erb"

            # Ready to generate PNG image from html
            Mime::Type.register "image/png", :png

            IMGKit.configure do |config|
              config.default_options = {
                :quality => 1
              config.default_format = :png

            kit = IMGKit.new( generated_html )
            send_data( kit.to_png, :type => "image/png", :disposition => 'inline')

Render and/or redirect were called multiple times in this action. Please note that you may only call render OR redirect, and at most once per action. Also note that neither redirect nor render terminate execution of the action, so if you want to exit an action after redirecting, you need to do something like "redirect_to(...) and return".

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Alright, i have figured out the answer myself. Which is to use the ERB.

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This isn't a valid answer. If you managed to solve this yourself then you should post the answer here. –  Ash Oct 9 '12 at 19:06

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