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To start: I am able to log in to heroku with my email and password.

When logging into heroku through my terminal using the same email and password credentials I get the following error.

heroku login
No such account:
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you should put a request to heroku support... hopefully they are tht right guys to figure this problem. – Gull Mar 9 '12 at 5:39

check your [Project Root]/.git/config There are some heroku accounts specific settings:

    account = <account name>

you can delete those two lines and then try to login again Just save what you delete :)

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Try to remove the existing account credentials rm -rf ~/.heroku/plugins/heroku-accounts and do heroku login enter your credentials

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Try making sure you have the latest version of the heroku gem/toolbelt installed.

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Check your .git/config for references to remotes like 'git@heroku.account' and remove those.

Also, check your ~/.ssh/config for references to that 'account' and take them out.

Then, re-do your auth heroku auth:logout and heroku auth:login and maybe heroku keys:add to get everything set back up.

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Removing references in ~/.ssh/config and doing heroku keys:add at the end is not required. – manish_s Aug 1 '13 at 8:46

I think the problem is a conflict between Heroku toolbelt and the Heroku gem. I also had the same problem. Read this article to solve it -

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