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I excel in .NET and Java programming and I heard that SAP-ABAP is quite similar to .NET programming.

Now I want to learn ABAP on my own but I don't know anything about it. What is the best ebook to quickly learn ABAP? Is there any IDE to code in ABAP provided by SAP?

Also suggest me an alternate good freeware IDE. And is there anything else that I need to start learning SAP?

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Who told you that ABAP is similar with .NET definitely does not code on both. :-P –  fabiopagoti Sep 11 '12 at 19:28

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There are a few free ebook, such as this one to learn the langage basis.

However, this concern only the generic 'langage' part. For each field (HR, FI, CO...) you'll have data structure to learn / find, as well as specific access methods in some case (HR, for example possess a lot of those).

As for the IDE, the execution environment is also a development environment. once you have installed a SAP-GUI linked to your SAPinstance, you have the user and developement environment.

The "only" technical requirement is to get access to such a SAP environment. You can get a trial version here


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