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When a logged in user uses a $_POST[]; form and takes too long on the page before uploading it wont execute. On submit it uploads about halfway, stops, then hits an error page. But, if you do it quick enough this wont happen.

Here's the Crome error Here's the Chrome error

Here's the FireFox error enter image description here

Here's the php.ini:

register_globals = off
allow_url_fopen = off

expose_php = Off
max_input_time = 10080

;extension_dir = ./
;upload_tmp_dir = /tmp

precision = 12

memory_limit = 100M
post_max_size = 100M
file_uploads = On
upload_max_filesize = 192M

What would cause this to happen.

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I believe it's along the lines of "max_execution_time" or something similar, a value that sets the time limit in which php scripts can last. If your upload has not finished uploading before this timeout value it could cause this. – Ben Ashton Mar 9 '12 at 4:10
i think you have DHCP connection which changes its ip address frequently. check with static connection. coz while upload process as i have seen php process never quits till uploading is going on.May be due to bad connection browser may have lost connection from server. – Sumant Mar 9 '12 at 4:21
@Sumant, That clearly isn't the problem here. – Brad Mar 9 '12 at 4:44
@BenAshton What other functions would I want to troubleshoot other than max_execution_time. You can see that I already have max_input_time = 10080. But, the problem persists with that. – Graham Mar 9 '12 at 5:01

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