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If you view-source on this page, you'll see that it's just a handful of javascript functions and jQuery calls, but IE7 refuses to behave - - - - it won't render the widget - - -whereas all the other browsers seem to draw the main video element, the playlists underneath just fine. I don't get an error-message, which is what's really weird. I've also run this javascript through JSLint.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm thinking there must be a debugger for IE7 that's useful for this type of thing.

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What are the errors? Where is your reproducible test code with the problem narrowed down as far as you can get it? – Brad Mar 9 '12 at 4:50
If the code works in most browsers but doesn't in IE7, then it wouldn't be a syntax problem that jslint could pick up, it is (most likely) a compatibility problem with IE7's JS engine. You are most likely using a function that IE7 doesn't support. – Moses Mar 9 '12 at 4:54

has nothing to do with script, when I turn off overflow:hidden on main "widgetspace" element in IE7 console all your html is there.

Look at layout tab in console, height gets set at 31px in just have css problems

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I used the Script Debugger for IE7 and could not see and script error. It looks like there is some css error with displaying your content.

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The script works, but not display on the page. Something is wrong with you style sheet.

The div#widgetspace is float to the left. But the div#thumbarea 's float is 'none' and the a tag's position is 'absolute'. Some browers(as IE6, IE7) donot work well.

May it helps for you!

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