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I'm developing RPG program on the IBM developing software

what happen is that I'm creating a display file with input field

I'm trying to accomplish one task.

If they already input all the field and the other record is display I want to protect the filed that they just input the value until they press enter

but I'm confuse how can I use the DSPATR(PR) to protect the field

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So once the user has keyed data into the fields, you want to redisplay the screen with (perhaps certain) fields protected. Usually when we redisplay a screen for confirmation, we want to allow the user to make any corrections that might be appropriate. In this case you do not want them to be able to correct a mistake? –  WarrenT Mar 9 '12 at 19:07
@WarrenT well this is the requirement for the program that I've to write to protect the field information incase they want to change they can just press enter to unprotect the field. –  Ali Mar 10 '12 at 19:25

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On the green-screen the RPG program only knows about what is on the screen when you hit <enter> on your screen. It sounds like you want to protect a field after the user has entered data into the field. I don't think that is possible unless each field has the CHECK(ER) on each field. That would get annoying depending on the program function. Hands-down entry people prefer to just keep typing and they have memorized exactly how many tabs and spaces they need to key to enter the data.

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Thanks for the answer but I found the solution for that and it's possible in RPG with the screen designer [DSP] –  Ali Mar 10 '12 at 19:26
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I found answer for my question.

To do this just go to properties on the screen designer > right click to properties and find keyword protect and this will protect the whole screen for the field that they enter until enter is pressed to unprotect.

It's also can be done by adding DSPATR(PR) with indicator and add this to RPG to turn on the indicator for the required field.

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