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I have this JS code that I use to create a new div (I create several, dynamically). I want my text to be in the centered vertically and aligned to the left side of the div. Any suggestions on what to do? Here is my code:

        var leftDiv = document.createElement("div"); //Create left div = "left"; //Assign div id
        leftDiv.setAttribute("style", "float:left;width:70%;vertical-align:middle; height:26px;"); //Set div attributes = "#FFFFFF"; = 70; 
        user_name = document.createTextNode(fullName + ' '); //Set user name

One other thing. This code will center the text horizontally and it seems to gravitate to the top of the div instead of the middle.

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If the height of div is constant (seems like it is 70px) than you can use line-height: 70px; to render any text vertically centered.

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just one note : Beware! if line span into 2 line this will create problem. Use this technique only on single line contexts. "white-space:nowrap" - May be your friend. – Praveen Vijayan Mar 9 '12 at 6:22

Its is not possible to vertical align text inside div with out making it table cell, or you have to insert a span inside div & give it 50% height. check below code.

  <div id="left" style="background:red; display:table-cell; width:150px; height:150px; vertical-align:middle;"> My full name</div>
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<style type="text/css">
   #myoutercontainer { position:relative }
   #myinnercontainer { position:absolute; top:50%; height:10em; margin-top:-5em }


<div id="myoutercontainer">
   <div id="myinnercontainer">
      <p>Hey look! I'm vertically centered!</p>
      <p>How sweet is this?!</p>

Set margin-top:-yy where yy is half the height of the child container to offset the item up.

Source :

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