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I have a string variable which is assigned with certain no. of labels. For eg, String var ="ChkBox1,ChkBox2,ChkBox3" in a JSP.

Now, my requirement is, I have to extract the checks out of the string and store them in an array and dynamically add checkboxes(3 checkboxes as per above example) to the page by running a for loop (based on no. of elements in the array) and display them.

If the variable is later changed to String var = "ChkBox1,ChkBox2,ChkBox3,ChkBox4", the webpage should now contain 4 checkboxes. I am relatively new to JSP. Please help me out on how to design this logic.

PS:I already implemented the extraction of checkBoxes from string and formed an array. I need assistance on how to use a for loop to add checkboxes dynamically

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for(int i = 0; i < array.length; i++)
<input type="checkbox" name="<%= array[i]%>">
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thanks! this helps –  Surya Chandra Mar 9 '12 at 6:06
we don't use scriplets in jsps any more the below answer using jstl is more appropriate. –  Vishal Anand Jan 29 '13 at 14:59

You can try c:foreach

<c:forEach var="res" items="${<your array/List>/resList}"> 
    <td><html:checkbox property="select" value="<some value>"/></td>
        <td>${<your list.element>}</td>
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