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I've been trying to learn some basic CSS/HTML by making myself a static web page. At the bottom of the page I want to show a few 32x32 image icons of websites I go to.

I want to display them inline and put them in the center of the page. Right now I have 3 icons so I created a block of width 96 (= 32x3) and simply center the container block.

However I think there's a good chance that I'll need to add more icons to the list, which means every time a new icon is added, I need to recalculate the width of the container block. I'm wondering if there is a rule in CSS that would save me from doing that?

For example I could simply do text-align: center for text field regardless of how many words I put in there. Is there something similar for image blocks?

Thanks so much!


As in cbp's answer, text-align actually also works for img tags. Thanks for pointing that out!

However (sorry for not having made it clear before), I didn't really use the <img> but rather <a> with CSS setting their background images. So I guess two follow-up questions:

1) Does text-align: center still apply here? 2) Is it preferable to use <a> (with CSS background-image) over raw HTML <img>? Any advantage to use either?

Thanks again!

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Unless your image actually is a background image, strive towards using img tags. Why? Because img tags are for images, and background-image is for background images - that's why. That said, there are occasionally certain tricky cases where you might have to use a background-image instead of an img tag. – cbp Mar 9 '12 at 13:38

By default text-align: center will have the same effect on images as it does on text, as img tags have display: inline by default.

So you can make the element that contains your imgs have width: 100%, then give it text-align: center.

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Thanks! I've updated my question, please take a look. – user898871 Mar 9 '12 at 5:57

Give Display:inline-block to your icon <a> Tag. Write like this:

     *display:inline;/*For IE7*/
     *zoom:1;/*For IE7*/

Check this,live

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text-align is a bit of a misnomer, as it doesn't act on just text. So, yes, you could just use text-align:center on the containing element for your images.

Sitepoint reference: text-align

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you can use padding and margins in % from there parent elements.

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