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I used xcode to write an iPhone "hello world" app, and I would like to package it as a deb for Cydia. I have seen saurik's article on How to Host a Cydia™ Repository, but I do not understand this table:

+- MyProgram
   +- Applications
   |  +- MyProgram.app
   |     +- Info.plist
   |     +- MyProgram
   |     +- icon.png

What does "MyProgram" in MyProgram.app need? Should I copy my "hello world" project folder to it?

How do I run "hello world" as a deb with Cydia?

Thanks for helping.

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good question, as i am currently struggling with this myself –  Chris Aug 8 '12 at 2:13

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MyProgram in in MyProgram.app is the actual binary for your application.

MyProgram.app is the application bundle.

If you've built from Xcode and used default locations, you'll find this under:


Alternatively, if you've packaged the ipa, it's contents below the Payload directory of the ipa (a zip file).

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