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im new here. i would like to ask about partial view. I created 2 partial view( 1 for Link to another pages, and another 1 is pages) i call those 2 partial view in to 1 view and put it into my master page. now i want to click the link in partial view and show it in master page. how to do this?

sorry for my bad english. hope u guys understand..

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If I understood your question correctly ,you organized the partial views and your master page in a wrong way and you expect something wrong.

You should create a MasterPager (or _Layout.cshtml file in Razor) with a just one PartialView for your menus/lins(lets say it MenuBar). Your _Layout.cshtml also should contains a @RenderBody which is responsible for different page contents.

After that you just create your pages and point them to user your masterpage (it is done by default by Razor). After that whenever you click on each link on your MenuBar , you redirected to the page which is pointed to. At server and on rendering phase, The MVC starts to render the page from your master page (so it contains the Menu Bar automatically) and when it reachs the @RenderBody line , it renders your main page content instead.


you can check this link for a full tutorial about layouting : or


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Thanks for reply sir. erm.. can u give me example? i want have menubar in the master page, after that in masterpage when i click the menubar, it will show view/partialview within the masterpage and contain the menubar.. – user1258674 Mar 9 '12 at 9:44
I edited the post and add two usefull links . check them and let me know if you could solve your problem or not – Mahmoud Moravej Mar 9 '12 at 13:22
ok. thanks Mahmoud.. – user1258674 Mar 14 '12 at 2:23

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