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Can you please help in finding a way to change Validate Request to True/False in IIS using PowerShell for a website?

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You can modify the configuration settings of a specific web site or application using the Set-WebConfiguration cmdlet.

In your case you'll have to set the value of the <pages validateRequest="true" /> attribute to false:

Set-WebConfiguration "//system.web/pages/@validateRequest" IIS:\Sites\MyWebSite -Value $false
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According to this Canceling request validation using HttpHandler on IIS 7 and this Canceling request validation using HttpHandler on IIS 7

You should just change registry setting, so this code should do the trick for you:

Set-ItemProperty -path HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\ASP.NET -name VerificationCompatibility -Value 1
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Changing that setting will affect the entire server and not just a specific web site or application. –  Enrico Campidoglio Mar 9 '12 at 11:36

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