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Please take a look at this feed: http://www.yourbestdeals.com/feeds/rss.aspx?r=test&citygroup=Boston

If you looks at the source code all the & symbols are actually &. However, I need the symbols in the link tag to just be & otherwise they don't work in my system.

The problem is when I change these symbols to & the xml feed becomes invalid as & symbols are not a valid xml format.

Is there any way around this?


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Since & means & in XML (as opposed to & which means start of character reference), the XML is fine.

If it "doesn't work in your system" then you need to fix something else. The best guess I have is that something consuming the XML is not doing so using an XML parser (perhaps it is trying to parse XML with regular expressions, or perhaps you are copy/pasting the XML encoded URIs from the source).

Fix that instead of trying to hack the data.

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Correct answer. If you process the XML using an XML parser, the & references will automatically be delivered to the application as "&". You will only have problems if you try to hand-cut your own XML parser, which is always a really bad mistake. –  Michael Kay Mar 9 '12 at 8:26

& is the entity for ampersand, try replacing all & to &

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