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I've never worked with multiprocessing before so bear with me if I'm asking a basic question.

This answer provided a very nice processing class that I adapted to my needs and it works very well. I'm trying to implement a basic progress bar which I'm testing using print statements, but it is not working at all (no output whatsoever).

My current code is this:

class ParsingMaster(object):
  def __init__(self, parser, input_file, output_file):
    self.parser = parser

    self.num_processes = cpu_count()
    self.input_file = input_file
    self.output_file = output_file

    self.input_queue = Queue()
    self.output_queue = Queue()

    self.input_size = 0

    self.input_process = Process(target=self.parse_input)
    self.output_process = Process(target=self.write_output)
    self.processes = [Process(target=self.process_row) for row in range(self.num_processes)]


    for process in self.processes:


    for process in self.processes:


  def parse_input(self):
    for index, row in enumerate(self.input_file):
      self.input_queue.put([index, row])
      self.input_size = self.input_queue.qsize()

    for i in range(self.num_processes):

  def process_row(self):
    for index, row in iter(self.input_queue.get, 'STOP'):
      self.output_queue.put([index, row[0], self.parser.parse(row[1])])


  def write_output(self):
    current = 0
    buffer = {}

    for works in range(self.num_processes):
      for index, id, row in iter(self.output_queue.get, 'STOP'):
        if index != current:
          buffer[index] = [id] + row
          self.output_file.writerow([id] + row)
          current += 1

          while current in buffer:
            del buffer[current]
            current += 1

            if self.input_size:
              print float(current * 100) / float(self.input_size)

After some testing, I've found some strange things:

  • self.input_size is updated properly in parse_input().
  • parse_input() ends while write_output() is still running.
  • write_output() always reports that self.input_size = 0.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong here? Any help is helpful, so thank you in advance.

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self.input_size is a process-local variable, each process will have its own copy. According to the multiprocessing documentation, you need to wrap your data into containers like Value and Array to make it shared.

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Thanks. I managed to figure it out myself about an hour ago, but it's good to know I was going in the right direction ;) – Blender Mar 9 '12 at 8:50

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