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What is the WCSF(web client software factory). what is the use of it. what is the relation between MVP with it.

please let me know about this in simple manner.

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WCSF is a MVP implementation by Microsoft, based on ASP.NET and Visual Studio "Guidance Packages", that help you structure your application tiers in a way dictated by the MVP paradigm, while fulfilling another architectural requirement - composite application consisting of loosely-coupled components. Builds on top of Enterprise Library.

Benefits of using WCSF:

  • Well defined (somewhat enforced) separation between UI and "back end" logic (the MVP pattern).
  • Framework that allows for integration of components developed separately (usually by different teams and/or in different point in time)
  • Framework consisting of loosely-coupled components, allowing painless re-implementation of existing components from any tier of the application
  • Software development process structure and Architectural structure imposed by the framework and the Visual Studio Guidance Packages.
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